Sandie Shaw Wiki

The Collection is Sandie Shaw's final compilation album, released in 2007.


  1. "(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me"
  2. "Don't You Know"
  3. "I'll Stop at Nothing"
  4. "Downtown"
  5. "Baby I Need Your Loving"
  6. "Message Understood"
  7. "Don't You Count On It"
  8. "When I Fall in Love"
  9. "Do You Mind"
  10. "Tomorrow"
  11. "Think Sometimes About Me"
  12. "Puppet on a String"
  13. "Tell The Boys"
  14. "You've Not Changed"
  15. "I Get a Kick Out of You"
  16. "Those Were the Days"
  17. "Du lügst so wunderbar" ("One More Lie")
  18. "Scarborough Fair"
  19. "What Now My Love"
  20. "Monsieur Dupont"
  21. "Send Me a Letter"
  22. "Love Me Do"
  23. "Reviewing the Situation"
  24. "Dieu seul sait" ("Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now")
  25. "Usignolo usignolo" ("Maple Village")[1]